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We are team of talented software developers making life easy for our clients


We are a bunch of geniuses who do crazy things daily to provide solutions.

We believe technology can solve unlimited human problems. Together we have created a really interesting place to work. From our crazy moments to our work ethics that encourage growth, GreenPoint has the best company culture style in Africa.


GreenPoint provides Internet related services and business solutions to individuals and businesses through technology.

We are a 'two-way street. We provide endless opportunities that can be harnessed through the Internet. We also help businesses to scale through and do more using technology and digital innovation as tools.


We are driven daily to push beyond the limt. We are guided by






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There is a lot of noise around the tech world but not many people are adopting it as it should be. Technically is still complex and very few are ready for the changes. This is the idea behind GreenPoint. We want to solve problems using technology and digital innovation as tools. This is the very purpose of GreenPoint.

Joseph Ejeomo

CEO, GreenPoint


We have come a long way and we are taking giant strides daily. Led by our visionary and award winning CEO and Founder, we've moved from that small company to one of the best tech companies in Africa. We launched in a small town in Osun State, Nigeria when our CEO was deployed (NYSC) to serve his fatherland. An idea that started in an old story building is now a giant tech company and widely referred to as the 'Google of Africa'.

We are still in the business of providing solutions to Africa's biggest problems using technology as a tool. Although the goal posts has changed many tines than we can count over the last couple of years, but our goal remains the same... solving problems through technology and innovation. However, we are not just stopping, we are shooting for the moon through Purple Universe.

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The Product Managers, Designers and Analysts are a team of awesome minds who constantly build GreenPoint into the brand that is made for you.

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Human Resources

It's up to us to make people feel at home. Whether working in the office, remotely, or their very own bat cave. We work to attract smart, passionate and genius people and continually improve the employee experience at GreenPoint.

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The Marketing department transforms GreenPoint into a lifestyle meant for everyone. With a top-notch strategy market trends, customer needs, the competitive landscape, and creativity.

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The Engineering department build the technological backbone of the business and empower other teams to thrive. From data Engineering to machine learning, we bring the tech skills that turn GreenPoint ideas into reality.

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A group of awesome people in charge of making the dream that is the GreenPoint workspace come to life, whether it is swapping a desk for the treadmill or building a new meeting room, we make it happen.

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Customer Experience

We have just one rule, When our customer succeeed, so do we, it's as simple as that. Our customers never have to bat an eye when it comes to their needs as they are always met.

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Quality Assurance

Anytime you get that 'wow' moment while using a GreenPoint product, know that there is a combination of people who love to ensure that our services meet and surpass the expectations of our customers. This is the Quality Assurance team.

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A team of astounding people whose expertise in customer relationship management is top notch. We manage and track daily customer sales transactions and trade performance

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Control and Compliance

A team of great individuals whose Eagle eyes are constantly focused on the operations of the company and are always ready to spring to action to either correct anomalies or defend the company where necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

GreenPoint is a technology and an elite software engineering and leadership training company that equips high potential talent with world-class software engineering and leadership skills. GreenPoint provide tech solutions to business to help them buld their next project. We also offer practical exposure to real-life projects through internships. GreenPoint helps you launch a career in technology - by training you for in-demand software engineering skills. Whilst GreenPoint provides opportunities, beneficiaries of the Program will be responsible for their job placement.

If you desire to start a career in tech, upskill or you would just like an opportunity to work with global companies and get a high-paying job in six months, then the GreenPoint training program is for you. Our 6-month intensive course combines a world-class curriculum with real-life projects to get you ready for your dream job.

Any Nigerian or foreigner from any state and between the age of 18 and 30 is eligible to apply under the Student Loan option, but you should have:

- Track record(s) of exceptional personal, academic and professional performance.
- Capability for fast learning, with self-motivation to excel.
- Completed either a Higher National Diploma(HND), Bachelor's degree, or Masters degree.
- Are currently serving, completed NYSC, or have an Exemption Letter available.
- A Credible Guarantor. If you do not meet these requirements, you are welcome to apply under the self-sponsorship option only.

Once you apply, you have taken the first step towards your success. You will receive a notification from us, confirming your application. There will be a series of engagement and support sessions after your application. These sessions precede our assessment, interview, and ultimately, admission.

Our training location is currently located in Ota, Ogun States in Nigeria

Depending on your choice, the training can be remote or onsite. You will receive same learning experience no matter your choice.

The loan is only repayable after the completion of your training. This translates to about the time trainees would have gotten a job, from the opportunities provided by GreenPoint. However, students can also pay instalmentally across 6-12 months periods.

Applicants will need to submit their HND or B.Sc Degree Certificate, Statement of Results and NYSC certificate or Exemption Letter. You also need a guarantor who needs to satisfy the following requirements:

- Have assets worth the full cost of the GreenPoint tuition and a portion of interest accrual. Has a clean credit record which would be verified by the bank providing the loan through a credit check.
- Provide an undated cheque of N100,000 for digital marketing course, N200,000 for design course and N400,000 for engineering course addressed to the bank providing the loan.
- Be a signatory to the bank student loan application, and will require the disclosure of assets worth the fee.

Yes, you can. Interested candidates without a B.Sc or HND degree can apply under the self-sponsorship payment plan.

The training is a 1-month, 3-months or 6-month intensive program for Digital Marketing, Designing or Engineering courses respectively to help you launch your career as a top talent

At the end of the program, you will graduate as a highly competent and competitive digital marketer or designer guru or software engineer. The benefits of the program include accommodation for the learning period, feeding, monthly stipend during internships, internet access, access to a pool of mentors and instructors, networking opportunities, job offers, tech skills, relevant soft skills acquisition, etc

Digital Marketing training is #70,000. Design training is #150,000 and Engineering training is #350,000. The fee gives you access to training, accommodation, feeding during the core learning period and monthly stipends during internships.

There are two payment options; Self Sponsorship and Learn-Then-Pay (Student loan)

Yes, for students who cannot afford the tuition, GreenPoint has a Learn-then-Pay scheme that gives applicants access to loans to cover 100% of the training costs. The only requirement is to have a credible guarantor, and you get the loan

Our team is ready to help anytime. Send us an email via recruit@greenpointhq.com


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GreenPoint culture is great. At GreenPoint, you are not only motivated to do way past the ordinary bit you are also allowed to showcase the real you and overall identity.


The energy here is high. At GreenPoint, you are challenged to give your best and ve very creative. Not just for the motivating energy the company gives you, but you are also given the opportunity to create magic


GreenPoint will turn you to a genius. Whether you are a rookie or a professional, working at GreenPoint will turn you to a genius in your field. With projects that will constantly.


Opportunity to thrive. GreenPoint will give you great opportunity to thrive and show your skill and talent. They believe in harnessing individual energy and skill and experience.


You will be task to use your initiative and professionalism GreenPoint will make sure you harness your inner ability and initiative in handling task and assignments. At the same time, you will be task to make sure you abide by the top most professional attitude in your job.


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