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Become a world class software engineer in just 6 months.

Join GreenPoint elite training program and get highly sought-after by top local and foreign companies.

Our courses are divided into;

  • Digital Marketing
  • Design
  • Engineering

Do you know you can learn software engineering, digital marketing and designing at GreenPoint? GreenPoint offers courses in Digital Marketing, Designing and Engineering. Our Digital Marketing courses span 1 month duration, Designing courses span 3 months duration and Engineering courses span 6 months duration.
Why GreenPoint is the #1 choice for you
  • We give you all you need to excel
  • During the core learning period, we provide Accommodation, Feeding, Electricity, Internet. During the internship, which are taken remotely, we provide stipends.
  • Career support to land your dream job
  • We will equip you with the relevant resources and support to get high-paying jobs
  • Only pay after the training
  • Learning at GreenPoint is at no upfront cost. You only pay in full after the training or you choose to pay upfront if you wish.

How It Works

  • Recruitment
  • - Application
    Candidates apply to the GreenPoint program

    - Logic Assessment
    Eligible candidates will take an online Logical assestment and successful candidates will be invited. This helps us to admit only the right fit for the program.

    - Admission
    Successful candidates will be offered admission into the GreenPoint program
  • Fees and Financial Options
  • The total fee for the Digital Marketing training is #70,000, Design trianing is #150,000 and Engineering trianjng is #350,000 which covers training with additional benefits such as feeding, accommodation, regular power supply, internship stipends all for the duration of the program. For candidates whi can't afford the, they can easily take the student loan which allows them go through the entire program without making any payment. All that's requested is a B.Sc or HND certificate, NYSC Completion Certificate or exception letter and a credible guarantor. The loan is repaid over the period of 12 months.
  • Training and Curriculum
  • You will join hundreds of other developers for our intensive training program and become certified within 6 months. At GreenPoint program, our curriculum is broken down into 6 units of 4 weeks each.
  • Job Opportunities
  • We equip you with the level of competency employers are looking for so can secure your dream job. We also provide places services such as interview coaching, CV/LinkedIn reviews, salary negotiation sessions and provision of reference letters etc.